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Obfuscating source code for a self-hosted web app

β€’πŸ•™7 min read

To prevent others from copying functionality or to reduce potential security vunelrabilities, you may want to obfuscate the source code of your web app.

Goodies found in the Sentry source code

β€’πŸ•™8 min read

I bring to light some of the more interesting parts I've discovered from reading the source code for Sentry, an error and exception tracking app.

The problem with static websites built with CMS content

β€’πŸ•™4 min read

Static websites that have content provided by content management systems suffer from poor live preview experiences and a delay in showing published content.

Valtio: stupic simple global state management for React

β€’πŸ•™4 min read

A dead simple way to manage your global application state with Valtio in React or vanilla JavaScript apps.

Reflecting on Remix going open-source and accepting investor funding

β€’πŸ•™6 min read

With Remix's recent announcement of investor funding, is it moral for them to try to financially profit from the contributions of the community?

To test or not to test, that is the question

β€’πŸ•™9 min read

Some thoughts on why you may want to add end-to-end, integration, and unit tests to your web applications.

VSCode vs WebStorm

β€’πŸ•™8 min read

Noteworthy differences between VSCode and WebStorm for web development purposes.

Pecularities of LinkedIn Open Graph Images

β€’πŸ•™2 min read

There are some perculiarities to be aware of when setting an open graph image URL that is suitable for LinkedIn.

Building with feature flags

β€’πŸ•™6 min read

Building web applications with feature flags has the advantage of gradually testing features in a production environment.

2020 Tech year in review

β€’πŸ•™4 min read

My experience and thoughts on 2020 web development technologies.

Docker guide

β€’πŸ•™49 min read

A comprehensive guide about Docker that explains what it is and how to use Docker images, containers, volumes, and networks.

How to get your first 1000 reputation on Stack Overflow

β€’πŸ•™9 min read

Being able to reach 1000 reputation on Stack Overflow is an achievement that brings along a certain level of respect and opportunities.

How to make a table row a link

β€’πŸ•™8 min read

Learn possible solutions and workarounds for turning HTML rows into clickable links.

How to write a commit message that will make your mom proud

β€’πŸ•™9 min read

Learn how to style and format a commit message for optimal readability, especially if using GitHub to host your git repository.

Deploy an app to multiple environments with Vercel

β€’πŸ•™4 min read

Learn how to deploy an app to multiple environments accessible at different custom domains on the Vercel platform.

Setup Dokku on Digital Ocean

β€’πŸ•™9 min read

Install the latest version of Dokku a Digital Ocean Droplet and deploy a web application using Dokku.

Have Confidence in Your Redux Apps With Integration and Unit Testing

β€’πŸ•™13 min read

React applications built with Redux should include both integration and unit tests for make sure your app runs with confidence.

Stop Using GIFs on Websites

β€’πŸ•™9 min read

GIFs are not optimal file formats for usage on the web, but luckily they can be replaced with WebM and MPEG4 videos for optimal performance.

Comparing NextJS and GatsbyJS Static Site Generation

β€’πŸ•™5 min read

Learn the differences between how NextJS and GatsbyJS generate files used for a static website and which tool is best for which situations.

Premature Optimize the Heck Out of Your React Apps Using Memoization

β€’πŸ•™11 min read

Optimize React applications using memoization techniques such as the useCallback and useMemo hooks along with the React.memo higher order component.

How Yarn Lock Files Work and Upgrading Dependencies

β€’πŸ•™6 min read

Learn why yarn generates a lock file, why a lock file is useful, and how to upgrade dependencies with a lock file present.

CSS Grid Is Not a Replacement for Flexbox

β€’πŸ•™2 min read

CSS grid cannot completely replace the need for flexbox layout when it comes to styling HTML elements.

Inspecting CSS Styles of HTML Elements That Are Added & Removed by Javascript

β€’πŸ•™3 min read

Learn how to inspect CSS styles in Chrome for HTML elements that are added, removed, or modified by JavaScript.

Managing Front-end JavaScript Environment Variables

β€’πŸ•™11 min read

Learn why, when, and how to use environment variables for front-end JavaScript applications built with webpack, parcel, Create React App, and Gatsby.

Should You Build a Server-side Rendered React Application?

β€’πŸ•™7 min read

Discover the advantages and disadvantages of creating server-side rendered React applications and find out which apps are best suited for server-side rendering.

Testing Stateful React Function Components with React Testing Library

β€’πŸ•™7 min read

Test stateful React function components build with hooks using react-testing-library to follow best testing practices.

Elegant Development Experience With Zsh and Hyper Terminal

β€’πŸ•™12 min read

Developers spend a lot of time working in their terminals and a great development experience can be achieved in the terminal when using zsh and Hyper.

Using ESLint and Prettier in a TypeScript Project

β€’πŸ•™7 min read

ESLint's large set of linting rules and the increased commitment to use ESLint by the TypeScript team makes ESLint a great tool for linting TypeScript projects.

Get Started With Typescript inΒ 2019

β€’πŸ•™16 min read

TypeScript is gaining more popularity in the JavaScript community and there is no better time than 2019 to start using TypeScript in your projects.